Do you get what you deserve? With Michael Page's salary calculator you can easily compare your salary to the Dutch labour market average. Simply enter your job title, sector, state, and current salary and our salary calculator will calculate whether your salary is above or below average. The average is calculated by a salary study conducted on Michael Page’s placed jobs over the past 12 months. Disappointed by the results? Take a look at our current vacancies below.

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*The average salary is calculated based on jobs placed by Michael Page over the past 12 months. Currently salary information is available for the following industries: Banking & Financial Services, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Procurement & Supply Chain Risk, Compliance & Audit, Sales. The data is regularly updated and contains only the fixed salary (without bonus, etc.). The salaries provided are only used in the salary comparison calculator. Salaries vary according to qualifications, experience and the type of company.

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Salary Benchmarking report

Employers, use our salary benchmarking report to establish appropriate salaries for a huge range of job roles based on regularly updated national averages.

Use the tool on the left hand side of this page to benchmark salaries for hundreds of roles. Simply select a job function and industry to get a breakdown of the average salary for each level.

Salary Benchmarking Tool

There’s no getting around the fact that money makes the world go round – especially when it comes to the negotiations around salary. If you’re an employer, you’ll want to make sure you’re armed with the industry average salary for the role you’re recruiting for before beginning negotiations with a candidate. And of course, it works the other way too. If you’re a candidate, you’ll want to check you’re being paid the right amount for the job you do or a new role you’re considering.

At Michael Page, we have been operating in the recruitment industry for more than 40 years. We recruit professionals for permanent, temporary, contract and interim positions within 25 industry sectors, right across the UK. We regularly update our Salary Comparison and Benchmarking tools with our latest salary data from the roles we place across our sectors – meaning you can get up-to-date information on the latest state of play for hundreds of roles.

For salary benchmarking specific to your business contact us.

How do the salary tools work?

Our salary tools are powered by data captured from our placements and advertised roles within the past 12 months. We update the tools on a regular basis, meaning you can be sure that the information you’re using to inform your decisions as a client or candidate is as up to date as possible.

Salary benchmarking for employers

Staying in touch with the latest salary information is essential for employers in this fast-paced business world. Whether you’re looking to bring in new hires or just check what the competition are paying their staff in equivalent roles, our regularly updated tool will keep you in touch with what’s going on. Simply input the details of the discipline and sector you’re hiring for and within seconds you’ll see the data you need on the latest national averages at each level of seniority.