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In an open economy and a dynamic market, companies must be able to quickly adapt to everchanging needs. Interim managers offer a great solution in such times. Interim managers can help you with implementing large-scale projects, and situations in which you are (temporarily) understaffed due to leave.

Interim professionals see the organisation through fresh, objective eyes and bring a lot of experience and specific expertise to the table. This helps you to stay ahead of the competition.

Key benefits of hiring interim professionals

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Our interim consultants will provide you with candidates within 48 hours.          
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Plug &

Interim managers can hit the ground running and provide immediate solutions
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Bring in

Interim managers bring a wealth of experience from previous projects
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your team

Interim managers can educate your team in applying new processes or systems

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Our specialised Michael Page consultants know what makes a great interim manager. They will introduce you to the right interim professional to meet your needs.

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"It's great working together with Shai. At de Bijenkorf we don't work with recruitment agencies often because we have our own resources. However, Shai is our go-to person for difficult tech-roles if we couldn't fill the position ourselves. He understands his field of work, is honest, transparent, gives advice and tells us when something isn't feasible. Exactly what you expect of a consultant."


Nationale Politie

"Meta is an experienced and very proficient managing consultant with an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment process. She has a genuine interest in both the candidate and the customer and the business they are in. Meta did show a professional work ethic combined with a strong customer understanding (strong listener). Combining the demands/wishes of both candidate and customer has been done in a fair, no-nonsense way, added by a pro-active attitude and a clear and transparent to the point communication. Her loyalty and trustworthiness make her differentiate from others in het industry. Would like to work with her again."


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"Michael Page has found an excellent interim developer. Our consultant understood the type of candidate we were looking for and carefully executed the selection process. He has a great network and could provide candidates quickly. In addition, he asks the right questions, listens to feedback and uses the gained knowledge. This led to successfully filling in the (complex) vacancy."

FAQ - What you need to know about hiring interim professionals?

How does Michael Page help you select the candidates?

Due to our extensive network of highly experienced Interim managers, we have access to the best Interim candidates in your discipline. At Michael Page, we value long lasting relationships. That is why we regularly speak to our candidates, to ensure that the partnership runs smoothly and that both parties are happy with the results.

What is the notice period when I want to end the contract of an interim manager?

The average notice period is 2 weeks, but we are flexible in that respect and look at it on a case by case basis. Depending on the needs of the client we can come to an agreement.

How does the invoicing work?

As a client of Michael Page, you pay an all-in fee which will be billed per month. You will receive a login code to access the website where you can fill in the hours that the interim professional has worked for your company.

How much do you pay for an interim professional?

It depends on the hourly rate of the interim professional. As they are freelancers you´ll pay more per hour than you would for an employee with a fixed contract. On the other hand, you are flexible in ending their contract as soon as you don´t need their services anymore.

Why would I choose to hire an interim professional instead of an employee with a fixed contract?

Interim professionals are usually hired for very specific projects that have a clear beginning and end. To make sure their knowledge is not lost once they move one to the next project, they can train your existing team.