Are you paying enough to attract and retain top talent in 2023?

The right profiles and skills at the right price – discover the latest salaries and recruitment trends in our 2023 Salary Guide.

Although the job market could turn in your favor later this year, candidates in the Netherlands still have the upper hand for now. So, to sign top talent before your competitors do, you must play your cards right. Our 2023 Salary Guide gives you the key insights you need to make an offer they can’t refuse every time.

Get a complete overview of salaries and job market trends in 2023

A guide to salaries per job function

In the guide you’ll find an overview of the average salaries for many specialist and management roles across various sectors in the Netherlands. With this info, you will know exactly what you’re up against when you make your next offer for a key role. Our salary indications are based on an extensive analysis of placement of candidates by Michael Page and conversations with candidates and clients.

The latest job market trends per sector

Find an expert analysis of the latest job market trends by our expert consultants, including the most sought-after positions in 2023, the salaries expected to show the sharpest increase, the skills most in demand by employers this year, and more.

Unpublished data from our exclusive studies

Remote working, wellness, benefits – we asked Dutch employees to define their ideal job to learn what motivates them in extensive surveys, analyzed in our Salary Guide. Zoom in on the latest job expectations, including the importance of sustainability in attracting top talent.

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