Have you determined the right salary offer?

Good candidates are hard to find. A good salary is one of the requirements, so making the correct offer is important. In our Salary Guide, we give you all the information you need to propose the right salary. We have kept the experience, function and average salaries that other companies offer in mind.

The complete overview of salaries and trends

You can find a complete overview of the average salaries for many specialist and management roles in several sectors. With this, you can weigh your offer against that of salaries that are paid/offered for similar roles.

Our salary indications are based on an extensive analysis of placements of candidates by Michael Page and conversations with candidates and clients. The overview displays the gross yearly salary indication for the Netherlands and may vary from individual salaries.

The disciplines that will be discussed in our Salary Guide:

Banking & Financial Services

Engineering & Manufacturing


Human Resources

Information Technology


Procurement & Supply Chain

Risk, Compliance & Audit

Sales, Marketing & Digital