Welcome to the CV of the Future

We predict the end of the CV as we know it. The CV of the Future will be a personalised, interactive space powered by Artificial Intelligence.


Imagine one private, data protected space allowing access to your professional references, project reports, publications, video data, … as a testimonial of your human character. 

The Future CV features:

  • Personal Assistant to take care of your connections and personal data, interfacing with both humans as well as with sophisticated AI and recruitment chatbots

  • Option to anonymise the CV space at the flick of a switch. Access to certain data can be restricted.

  • Central sharing point that contains documents including your personal study results, which could be helpful for an immediate check on your educational background (and liquid skills)!

  • Cloud-based, secured with blockchain as unalterable proof of past experiences 

  • Designed to be scanned by AI to evaluate suitability of profile to a job description and vice versa

  • In contrast to the current public feeling about privacy norms like GDPR and data leaks, we could expect that private information will be on the cloud in future, protected by a privately owned blockchain, but accessible to AI by 2030.

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What are the key trends and how are they likely to impact the future of work? We explore the following:

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