The Future of Hiring

People's relationship to work is changing. Because of this, companies need to adapt to better benefit from the people that work for them today and tomorrow. However, just like people, no two companies are alike. The best are evolving into more human cultures that serve their employees and their business goals, now and in the future. The Future of Hiring will help you navigate the challenges and exploit the opportunities of this new reality. Unleash the value of soft skills, enable your best people to bring even more talent to your business and find out how Michael Page can help you hire the right people at any time, every time.

People's changing relationship to work

People are looking for more meaningful relationships and this does not stop at work. Potential candidates want to understand the purpose behind their role. And employers like you want to hire the best available talent today, who also have the potential to grow with your business. How can you make this happen?

Valuing people's soft skills

Candidate lists should reflect the real world and its diversity. To help this, recruiting should focus on personalities and behaviours with future potential, in addition to the technical skills you need today. This will create greater market flexibility, improve candidate mobility and help make workplaces more representative.

Talent attracts talented people

By understanding what matters to and motivates employees, you can improve the way your company works. How? Both parties need to understand each other’s needs and seek to satisfy each other’s expectations. The best way to do this is through genuine conversations that reflect real-life expectations of work and the world.

Hiring the right people

Vindt u het steeds moeilijker om het beste beschikbare talent voor open posities te vinden? Het is belangrijk dat u aan uw werkgeversmerk werkt. Kandidaten verwachten steeds meer transparantie. Ze hechten aan betekenisvol werk, willen weten hoe het is om voor uw bedrijf te werken en wat het doel is van hun functie.