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Digital marketing and e-commerce are critical to the success of brands and organisations. The best way to be at the forefront of digital marketing trends is to hire the most talented digital specialists. But they don’t grow on trees.

At Michael Page Digital, we build on the expertise we’ve gathered in the areas of marketing and sales over the past decades. We have access to a national and a global database network with a broad range of (inter)national candidates and the largest clients. That way we bring together the best digital professionals and the best global brands.

Page Digital is part of Michael Page, which together with Page Personnel and Page Executive forms PageGroup, which has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since April 2001. Michael Page has a strong track record of successful recruitment assignments, at the qualified staff as well as the management level. With more than 150 branches in over 35 countries, we offer our clients - from SMEs to multinationals - exclusive access to a pool of international talent. 

Why Michael Page Digital?

In almost every industry, digital channels are growing faster than any other channel. In the Netherlands, Search Engine Advertising grew 10.5% last year, while video advertising increased by 28% and mobile marketing grew no less than 58%. We are becoming a country (and a world) of digital users. People want their information, products, and services faster, and they want them everywhere. Companies who fail to invest in digital now will see their market shares decline.

Recruitment companies who are active in digital have generally limited their scope to their own industry, and typically only offer digital specialists. Michael Page has access to a much broader and more differentiated pool, which can make all the difference.

Integrated marketing and commerce

Despite the strong growth of digital channels, many businesses and organisations in the B2B and the FMCG sectors still use traditional marketing and sales channels, because these can reach a major part of their target audience. However, this means that their digital professionals need to cooperate closely with traditional marketing and sales teams in order to create a consistent multi-channel experience for the consumer.

Michael Page brings together expertise from different sectors and different specialisms. Thanks to our broad and extensive knowledge of the market and a range of company cultures, we are able to connect the right people with the right clients. That way we facilitate the best possible cooperation between digital and traditional disciplines for an integrated result.

Differentiated roles and broader knowledge

As digital marketing and e-commerce mature, we are seeing a growing need for more specialised digital professionals, where originally a single person would have been responsible for an entire digital campaign. For example, there is a growing demand for specialists who focus solely on email campaigns or for specialists in social media. Generally speaking, the more important digital channels become to an organisation, the more differentiated their needs.

The most suitable candidate is not always in the Netherlands, and that is why it’s important that businesses can tap into an international pool to fill their vacancies. Michael Page operates in over 35 countries and has access to an international talent pool. We link the best people to the best organisations, and if there is a scarcity of talent in the Netherlands, we get businesses in touch with high-calibre international professionals. If talented professionals in the Netherlands struggle to find an employer to match their ambitions, we introduce them to international organisations which can offer them the opportunities they are looking for.

Seniors with operational and strategic skills

In the Netherlands, as well as the rest of Europe, there is a growing demand for senior professionals like online marketing managers and e-commerce managers. Again, integration with the rest of the business and knowledge beyond their own field are key here. For example, aside from strategic skills, in-depth operational knowledge may be required from these specialists. After all, they must not only oversee the marketing and sales process, but also need to speak the technological language of the IT teams in order to translate their commercial goals into practical tools.

Michael Page operates in a wide range of market industries and specialisms. As a result, we are uniquely placed to assess whether a candidate will be a good fit for the organisational culture and vice versa. We will not only find digital top talent, but also ensure that this talent can bridge any gaps and successfully work together with other departments.

Michael Page looks beyond digital

In order to find a suitable supply to match the fast-changing demand for digital professionals, a market-wide vision and access to an extensive, international pool of talented professionals are key. Recruitment agencies focussing purely on digital cannot supply businesses with traditional marketeers and sales professionals, while the integration of the different disciplines is of paramount importance. Traditional and digital should reinforce and support each other, and this bridge should be built as soon as new staff are hired. After all, omnichannel starts with the organization’s most important resource: its people.

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