Looking for a qualified professional to join your organization? Michael Page specializes in recruitment and selection of specialists and managers in various disciplines. With Michael Page as your recruitment partner, the recruitment and selection process will be guided from start to finish by one of our experienced recruitment consultants. At Michael Page we provide recruitment and selection for both permanent and interim positions.

Recruitment and selection of candidates

When recruiting candidates Michael Page uses an extensive database of qualified professionals. These candidates are carefully selected by our recruitment specialists. Each recruitment specialist focuses on one specific discipline. This way our recruiters know everything about the market in the field they are recruiting for.

Michael Page can also help you advertise for suitable candidates. Because of our experience with advertising job vacancies, we know exactly where and how we have to advertise for the desired result. This way you can be sure that the applicants who respond to the ad are the candidates you are looking for.

Knowledge about the discipline

Michael Page understands what kind of candidate you are looking for. Because we work with specialized recruitment consultants for each sector, employers are ensured that the recruiter knows everything about the field in which they are looking for a candidate. Our recruiters know what a particular job entails, what knowledge and skills are required and what to look for when recruiting candidates.

Prior to the recruitment process, in a personal conversation we determine what kind of position is offered and what skills and qualifications you are looking for.

A candidate that fits in your organization

In our search for the right professional, we don’t just look at the competencies required for the position, but we also try to assess whether a candidate fits within the organization. That is why our consultants always carefully try to picture the corporate culture within your organization.

Thorough screening and assessment

Once we have identified a selection of suitable professionals, we will interview the candidates. We use professional, structured interview techniques to find out whether a candidate meets the requirement. In addition, we carefully check references. If desired, we can also conduct assessments and psychological tests.

Shortlisting candidates

Using this aforementioned recruitment and selection procedure, we compile a shortlist of candidates that are suitable for the position given their qualifications, work experience, ambitions and personality.

Submit a job

Are you looking for qualified candidates to fill a vacant specialist job or management position? Please, tell us more about the position. A specialized recruitment consultant will contact you as soon as possible.