The field’s been narrowed and you’re still in the running. If you’re feeling anxious at the prospect of a day of one-to-ones, panel interviews and in-tray exercises, don’t.

We’ve got 10 ways to prepare for a second interview.

1. Review your performance in the first interview.

2. Identify any material you didn’t cover.

3. Do more research - contact an employee and ask for an informal chat.

4. Check trade publications to ensure you’re up to date on developments.

5. Find out what’s on the agenda: one-to-one, panel, assessment centre?

6. When it comes to second interview questions, expect repetition from the first interview but keep your answers fresh.

7. Prepare for competency questions, a staple of second interviews.

8. Ask questions at the end of each stage.

9. Rehearse your spiel on salary, benefits and relocation.

10. If they don’t make an offer, ask about the next stage of the process.

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