If you feel there is room for improvement in your career, then now is the right time to make your move. In the current market, employers are competing hard for talented candidates like you. So, answer this question – are you where you want to be in your career?

Unemployment levels among candidates with a higher-level professional education are at historic lows. Both graduates and experienced professionals can have their pick of jobs, and as a result, employers are making greater efforts to bring in the best people. 

Candidates – in the driving seat

Candidates can compare various offers and choose the company that best fits their requirements. Would you like more flexibility, a better training program or more opportunities to grow professionally? Employers are more than willing to offer the right candidate anything he or she needs to grow his or her career.

Testing for signs of career stagnation

Before you type that resignation letter, it is important to make sure you know the right way to kick-start the next cycle of your career growth. What are the questions you should be asking yourself to differentiate between temporary unhappiness at work or a fixable growth lull, and a genuine reason to move on?

The below make a good starter for ten:

  1. When was your last promotion?
  2. What is the timeframe for your next one?
  3. Do you have a clear idea of your next role?
  4. Are people being promoted around and above you?
  5. According to performance reviews, are you consistently meeting expectations but never exceeding them?
  6. When was the last time you felt truly challenged in your work?
  7. When did you last learn a new skill?
  8. Who do you have to look up to and learn from at work?
  9. Is there someone to pass your skill set to below you?
  10. Has your level of responsibility changed within the last year?

To know whether it is time to change jobs or not you need a clear idea of where you are on your career path, and where your journey is taking you. If you had a negative response to any of the above, perhaps it´s time to start thinking of changing jobs.

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