Being put forward for an interview is a great achievement; it means your recruitment consultant has decided you’re suitably matched to a role they’re looking to fill. Remember, recruiters work for their clients and want to find the best candidate for them, so if they’re putting you forward, they must really have faith in your talent.

You’ve probably had all the details you think you need, but here are some questions to ask your recruitment consultant before your next interview:

1. Confirm interview details

Make sure you know exactly where the interview’s being held and how you’re going to get there. Aim to be slightly early. If you’re driving, find out what car park you’ll use or if you’re going by public transport, make sure you know where the nearest stop or station is.

2. What is the interview process?

How many interviews will be conducted and what type of interviews will they be? (Standard, telephone, competency etc)

3. How has the recruiter presented you to their client?

You’ll (usually) be interviewed by someone your recruiter has previously had contact with, so it’s worth finding out what information they have passed on.

4. What is the company’s dress code?

You want to appear to fit in with the company culture. If you dress too smart, you could be out of synch with the interviewer and the company; too casual and you’ll risk appearing slovenly or unprofessional.

5. Why is the role open?

It’s often worth asking this to find out if the role is a new one or you’re replacing a leaver. If the role is new, it could mean the company is expanding, which indicates they are financially stable. However, it also means there could be some trial and error if no one has done this particular job before.

6. Has the recruiter made any changes to your CV?

If so, you need to know exactly what they are so that you can confidently talk about your CV in the interview.

7. Who makes up the panel?

You need to know the names and job roles of everyone that will be present at your interview. Your recruiter might also be able to tell you who the decision-maker is, but you’ll need to impress the whole panel.

8. Are there internal candidates?

Many organisations have to offer the role internally as well as advertising to external candidates. Internal candidates sometimes have an advantage over external ones because they already know the business.

9. Extra details

Do you know about all the social media sites the organisation uses? What about their current financial situation, are they doing well? Are they expanding?

Hiring managers can spot an unprepared interviewee a mile off – be sure to impress with your background knowledge. Get more interview advice in our career centre.

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