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The Compliance department resides within the CRO-office and is headed by the Director Compliance. The department consists of 14 permanent staff. The department will be further strengthened and professionalized in 2022, a.o. by hiring more expertise with two manager positions.

Given FMOs mission and strategy, the objective for the Compliance department is to stimulate and promote a culture of integrity risk awareness. Furthermore, the Compliance function aims to support the Management Board to ensure that FMO operates in line with (the spirit of) relevant legal and regulatory requirements, and within its integrity risk tolerance. To this end, the Compliance function advises and supports FMO and its management amongst others on developments in the regulatory environment and establishing an effective and demonstrable compliance and integrity risk management and control systems.

FMO has different business units like FMO Investment Management; Public Investment Management; main FO departments (e.g. Private Equity). In the FMO projects 2 or departments co-ordinate to form a deal for the customer. However, the interests of these departments differ in the execution. In addition, other deal specific structures (e.g. Agency desk tasks; setup of SPVs) and other co-investors may pose different Conflict of Interests.

Responsibility for Organisation Conflict of Interest policy lies with the Compliance department. In the execution of this responsibility, an advisory body: Conflict of Interest Sounding Board (CoI SB) has been established. For advice, FMO wide the employees can approach the CoI Sounding Board.

The CoI Sounding Board consists of representatives of other FMO departments. Compliance is the chair the CoI SB.


In this role you will mainly be responsible for overseeing and advising on (potential) conflict of interest. And maintaining and implementing Organisational Conflict of Interest Policy (CoI policy), the Secretary of the CoI Sounding Board, the Gate keeper for Wall crossing procedure. Furthermore enhance the existing controls, create awareness on the subject. Align with internal stakeholders across FMO and work in a collaborative manner within the Compliance team, Front-Office (FO), Mid-office, and other support functions to achieve the best outcomes for FMO.

  • Being a senior subject matter expert on the organisational Conflict of Interest and willing to take on other compliance tasks (preferably in the field of market abuse).
  • Assess and strengthen existing framework, including providing advice to further embedding of the framework into processes and controls.
  • As FMO can have different/multiple roles in a commercial deal, the candidate should be able Able to view CoI from various perspectives and able to speak and understand the language of the business (units).
  • Proactively (process wise) follow up on the received requests for advice as well as formulate (content wise) the advice. This advice is discussed with the CoI SB to come to a definitive advice. After which the advice needs to be communicated in timely manner.
  • Monitors the implementation of the advice given by the CoI SB. Where needed escalates according to the escalation procedure.
  • Proactively advice and guide FO on wall-crossing procedure. Wall crossing is addressed at the Management Board level.
  • Raising awareness on CoI FMO wide, especially towards investment officers and front-office management teams, through trainings and presentations.


  • Master's degree, preferably within Law, Business Management, Finance, Economics or Audit.
  • You are passionate about advising on Organisational CoIs. And are seen as the to-go person on this subject.
  • 7+ years of experience within a bank or the financial services industry, preferably with emerging markets and project finance. Preferable in
  • You have in-depth knowledge of Organisational CoIs. You must have a strong understanding of the subject and regulatory requirements and relevant Dutch regulations and understand how this works in front office departments in a risk-based approach.
  • You can challenge and influence stakeholders to ensure decisions are well thought out and can be executed from a compliance and integrity risk perspective.

The suitable candidate brings the following skills and personality:

  • Self-starting, pro-active and result oriented;
  • Team spirit: Strong ability to work in a team setting and taking colleagues along;
  • Able to handle (not avoid) conflicts; problem solving skills.
  • Able to act independently and give countervailing power;
  • Fluent communication skills on every level of the organization;
  • Pragmatic, but constantly challenging him/herself;
  • Good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Fluent in English.



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