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Find the interim professional who will make the difference

The demand for interim professionals has only grown in the past few years. Companies in open economies like the Dutch one must always be ready to meet changing demands. To facilitate this, flexible deployment of professional interim managers is indispensable. At the same time many companies have questions about changing regulations for interim professionals.

Advice about regulations

Our Michael Page Interim consultants know the requirements for interim managers like the back of their hand. They will ensure that you are in compliance with every regulation, and will supply the right interim professional to meet your needs.

Start work the next day

Interim assignments typically last between one month and one year. Time is a key factor: interim professionals must be deployable at short notice. That is why we will present you with a short-list of the right interim professionals within hours of your initial request. Depending on your requirements, the candidate can start work the next day.

When can interim professionals add value?

Management of temporary projects

Sooner or later, every business will be faced with changes that require tough decisions. Just think of reorganisations or acquisitions: large-scale projects with a significant impact on the company and its staff.

Interim managers offer a great solution at such times. As outsiders, they will see the organization through fresh, objective eyes. Because they are independent, it will be easier for them to make tough decisions and implement changes. That is why interim professionals are ideal when you need to:

  • Set up or implement new processes, systems or departments
  • Manage changes or crises
  • Manage mergers, acquisitions or reorganisations
  • Drive international expansion

Need for temporary expertise

In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies must constantly innovate. There is barely time to implement a new technology or strategy before the next one comes along. It is impossible to have all of this expertise in-house.

Interim managers often specialise in a specific field. They bring a wealth of experience from previous projects. While they implement the new technology, you’ll have some time to recruit an employee who can work with it later on.

Covering long-term absences

The practice of taking some time off in the form of a sabbatical is becoming increasingly common, also at the management level. Moreover, employees in senior management roles may be absent for longer periods of time due to illness or pregnancy. The problem with this is that corporate management and strategy cannot be put on hold.

The great advantage of interim managers is that they have often built an entire career before deciding to go freelance. Thanks to their extensive experience, they are able to hit the ground running when they enter your organisation.

Temporary workload increase

Every company goes through periods of increased workload. Just think of launching a new product, an audit, the end-of-year process or changes to legislation and regulations.

At such times it is nice to be able to hire an expert who can help get the job done without a training period. Interim managers offer that expertise. They are effective and result-driven. Moreover, it is in their interest to complete the project on time.

What can Michael Page Interim make the difference?

Local expertise and global reach

Since we operate globally you can also rely on our expertise if you are looking to expand abroad.

One of the most extensive databases in the world

We constantly work to bring more talent into our database. That is why we are just one click away from the best interim candidates in your field.

Consultants with expertise in your field

Our consultants are specialists with in-depth knowledge of the interim market, your sector, the level of candidate you are looking for and your region.

Thorough assessment and candidate reference checks

Our screening and assessment of interim professionals is thorough and allows us to introduce you to the best and most experienced professionals. If a candidate leaves your project prematurely, we will replace them at no extra cost.

Fees based on results

Our fee structure is predominantly based on results. A significant part of the fee will only be charged after a successful placement.

Genuine engagement beyond the placement of your interim candidate

We invest in long-term relationships, both with clients and with interim candidates. That is why we will regularly keep in touch to see how the cooperation is going.

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